Tuzing Hakha khua hmunhnih ah kahdoh nak a um, Ralhrang minung 11 an thi

November 6 tuzing ah CNA le CDF -Hakha i bawm in Hakha khua hmun hnih ah Ralhrang an kah hna tiah kan theih.

CNA Chimphuannak nawlngei Salai Htet Ni nih “Hakha Cawbuk Ralhrang um nak ah CNA le CDF nih kan kah hna i Ralhrang 5 an thi, Hakha khualu Phungki Um nak ah hmun a khuar mi Ralhrang zong kan kah hna i Ralhrang minung 6 an thi, an dih lak minung 11 kan thah hna tiah The Chin Post ah achim. CNA le CDF lei in hliam tuan le a thi mi an um lo tiah kan theih.

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