Philipine Ram Ah Thlichia Nalgae A Hran Ruangah Minung 100 Leng An Thi

Philipine ram laifang ah a luancia October 28 in thlichia Nalgae a hrang i min a cimh pinah ti a lianh caah minung 100 an nunnak a liam i 33 an tlau, tiah Department of Disaster Management nih November 1 ah an langhter tiah theih a si.

Nalgae thlichia cu Tuluk ram thlanglei ah aa ṭhial cang. Aa ṭhial lai ah Philipine ram khualipi Manila zong a pal pah tiah theih a si.

Philipine President Ferdinand Jr. Marcos nih, an ram thlanglei i thlichia nih a denmi Maguindanao ramkulh cu November 1 ah vanlawng in a va vehvat hna.

Tikulh 76,000 a umnak Philipine ram cu kum khat ah thlichia voi 20 tluk a hrang i, Nalgae thlichia hi a voi 14 nak a si. Khua caan a dik lo chin lengmang caah vawleipi a lum chin lengmang i thlichia hrannak a karh chinchin, tiah Seintist hna nih an langhter.

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